What is Ball Hockey?

Although the sport is now much more organized, for many, their first experience remains the same as for those who first played ball hockey. It simply involved a few friends or family members, an open area, such as a roadway or parking lot near their home, some rocks or bricks to mark the goal posts, a tennis ball, old hockey sticks, and the game was on.

The official version of street or ball hockey is a relatively young sport, with a very short modern history, but its roots can be traced back to similar games played with a ball and stick. The first documented history of such a game, called hurling, dates back to the second millennium BC when it was played in Ireland. The word hockey derives from a similar game played by the Native Indians in North America, firstly observed in 1572.

Ball Hockey also enjoys a large global presence and the sport is currently being played in as many as 50 countries worldwide. The CBHA has always taken a leadership role in the expansion of ball hockey and was a founding member of The International Street and Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF - www.isbhf.com). Ball Hockey players can aspire to not only be crowned domestic champions, but be honored as world champions as well. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF - www.iihf.com) has officially recognized the ISBHF as the governing body of street and ball hockey in the world. 

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