COSTS: Halifax Minor Ball Hockey League, (formerly the NSMBHA)

* Learn to Play for Grade Primary to Grade 1:             $85       ($70 early bird price. Ends March 15)

* Primary Tier for Grade 2 to Grade 3:                         $85       ($70 early bird price. Ends March 15)

* Elementary Tier for Grade 4 to Grade 6:                   $85       ($70 early bird price. Ends March 15)   

* Junior Tier for Grade 7 to Grade 9:                           $85        ($70 early bird price. Ends March 15)

Teams will be capped at 10 players. Once divisions fill, further players who register will go on a wait-list.

To register, please fill out this form or click on the 'registration form' in the left sidebar.


Registration requires three steps and you will only receive a confirmation email after payment is received.

1. Fill out the registration form and submit it online. 

2. Fill out waiver and submit it online.

3. Make payment through Interact e-transfer. See below for instructions.


1. Login to your online banking and set-up HMBHL as a Recipient

2. Use email:

3. Use password: ballhockey (*)     

(*) password ballhockey is all lower case and one word


Games are played in light rain. Games may be canceled in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, thunder, lightning, high winds, rain with low temperatures. We ask parents to keep an eye out for bad weather on games days to dress their children appropriately. The league has booked extra rink time to reschedule any canceled games.