HMBHL Standard Rules & Regulations

The HMBHL rules are based on the CBHA Rules and Regulations. Please refer to it for a complete list of all rules. Download a PDF version of the HMBHA Rules below. Updated March 2017.


All people associated with the HMBHL are expected to act in a responsible and respectful manner at all times.


Misconduct will not be tolerated either during a game or around the playing surface. All people are expected to contribute the HMBHL being a safe and positive environment for all.


The call of the referee is final. Once the referee makes a call they will not change it. It is respected that referees can make errors and all participants agree to accept this.


The league will establish a disciplinary committee of 3 people to deal with all unsportsmanlike or disrespectful conduct. The decision of the disciplinary committee will be considered final.


No refunds will be provided if a person is expelled from the HMBHL.


Fighting or abusive conduct may result in the offending person being removed from the league The offending person will not be allowed to return to the HMBHL until the disciplinary committee deems it appropriate.


Dangerous and overly aggressive play nor verbal abuse will not be tolerated.   All such offenses will be dealt with firmly and may lead to the offending person being expelled from the HMBHL.                    


All participants accept that there will be zero tolerance for disrespectful conduct and warnings should not be expected.


CSA approved helmet with full facial protection, hockey gloves or D-Gel Zebra gloves and soccer shin pads mandatory;  an athletic cup recommended, soft elbow pads and knee pads are optional but recommended. 


The following are the rules for both the Grades 3-6 and Grades 7-9 divisions.



Only HMBHL approved coaches or volunteers are allowed on the player’s bench. Teams can have a maximum of three coaches. Games will be played 4 on 4.  Four runners and one goalie will play at one time. A team will need a minimum of 4 runners and a goalie to start the game. Games consist of two 20-minute run-time periods. There will be no overtime in regular season play. In the playoffs, overtime will be one 10-minute, run-time, sudden-death period. (First goal wins) If still tied, each team will take three penalty shots. If the score remains tied, the game will go into sudden-death penalty shots.


If a team does not have the minimum number of players 5 minutes after the posted start time the game will be forfeited and a score of 5-0 will be posted.

There will be no icing calls or off-side calls, similar to rules of Play On!


Slap shots are allowed.  


Penalties are called as soon as the infraction occurs. No delay. After a penalty is called a face-off at centre will occur.


All face-offs are at centre floor. A face-off at centre will occur after each goal.


If the goalie covers the ball, the ref blows the whistle and the ball is placed behind the defensive net. All offensive players must go beyond the defensive goal line. A defensive player takes position directly behind the net. They must become set quickly. Once set, the ref will blow the whistle to resume play.


If the ball goes out of play the ref will blow the whistle. The ball will be placed close to where it left the playing surface. The team that did not touch the ball last will be given possession. The defensive player must give 6 feet of space, the game resumes when the referee blows the whistle.


Each team shall be permitted one 30-second timeout per game.


The final score will always reflect a maximum seven-goal spread for tiebreaker purposes regardless of the actual score. If Team A defeats Team B 9-1, the final score will be recorded as a 8-1 result.


High sticking the ball will result in a two-minute penalty. High sticking is called when a player raises their stick above their shoulder and their stick touches the ball.


If a player loses their helmet during play they must pick it up and put it back on before rejoining the play, otherwise it will result in a two-minute penalty.


All stick penalties are two-minute minor penalties. Stick penalties include Slashing, High Sticking, Cross Checking, Spearing Minor and Butt-ending Minor.


Any player receiving 3 penalties of any kind in one game will be ejected from the game.


A Hit From Behind penalty, regardless if it is a minor or major penalty results, in an automatic game ejection.


All such incidents will be reviewed by league officials and can result in ejection from the league.