Hey ball hockey fans,

It has been a wet, cold, dour spring but somehow we have gotten in all four games without a weather cancellation. This Saturday is forecasted to be sunny and warm. You'll see we have scheduled a RAINDATE for Sunday, meaning if Saturday is rained out there would be a game Sunday. If we play Saturday, y'all are free to have a non-ball hockey Sunday. Please check out the schedule in the left-hand sidebar to see the set times.

And check out our photo gallery - link is in the sidebar - with photos from the first couple of games. If you have a killer pic or any photo that you'd like to see on the website, please send it to along.

Charlene and Louis

Rainouts will be posted on the website 90 minutes before the games are due to begin. Emails will be sent out as well.

Thanks to Tracy for pics of the final games of Coach Dave's Learn-to-play team.






Scenes from the first regular season games:
First games of the regular season.