Frequently Asked Questions

What days are the games played?

Most games will be played Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. A couple of games will scheduled on Sunday between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. A final schedule will be posted two weeks before the start of the season.

Where are the games played?

All games are played at the Gorsebrook Park outdoor rink located on Lundy's Lane in Halifax's South End. 


Lundy's Lane is located off Wellington Street between South Park and Inglis Streets.

How many games per week?

The kids will usually play one game per week. There may be one or two weeks where extra make-up games are played.

How many games in total for season?

Our season is 10 weeks long. Ideally we will have 4 teams per division. After assessment weekend, the season will consist of 8 games followed by a weekend round-robin playoff and championship.

Do the kids have practices?

Practice times can be staged if desired. This would be administered by team coaches. No rink time has been booked for team practices. School yards and tennis courts could be utilized for this purpose.

Do you have programs for girls and boys?

The HMBHL Halifax League is co-ed league where boys and girls play together. We will offer girls-only programs when registration numbers are enough to field at least 2 teams in a division. Help spread the word and get everybody involved!

Are there different divisions for different skill levels?

The league is recreational and all skill levels are welcomed.

What equipment is required?

Please visit our Equipment page for more detailed information.

What are the Ball Hockey Rules?

Please visit our Rules page for more information.

How do I register?

You will only receive a confirmation email after payment is received.

1. Fill out the registration form and submit it online. The form itself can be found in the sidebar menu under 'Registration.'

2. Fill out waiver and submit it online.

3. Payment can be made through Interact e-transfer only. Instructions can be found on our registration page.

Please visit our Registration page for more information.

What do I get with my registration fee?

Insurance coverage by HMBHL & CBHA for every registered player.

Players will receive a team jersey. A pizza party will be organized after the final game of each division.

Can I play with my friends?

Players can make one friend request and that friend request must be reciprocal. The HMBHL will do its best to have friends assigned to the same team. That being said we can not accommodate all requests and have to do our best to balance the teams as much as possible.

Can I sponsor a team?

The HMBHL has not sought out sponsors at this point. If you're interested in sponsoring a team or a division, please contact us.