Keeping Games Fair

While every effort is made to ensure that the teams selected are of relatively equal strength, the League deals with this issue in most divisions every season. As we note on the player registration form: "Once teams have been selected some players may be traded in an attempt to equalize team strength." Team equalization will be done at the discretion of the Division Administrator, Head Coaches, or League President.

What is equalization?

Ideally, we would like all games in every division to be close. We would like every team to have a realistic chance of beating the other teams in its division. If after the season has started it is apparent that one (or more) team is markedly stronger (or weaker), equalization is the process we go through to try to re-balance the teams.

Why equalize?

The Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey Association is a house league program. We hope the kids enjoy their experience and want to return (and look forward to returning) the following season - and the seasons after that. Let's face it, winning and losing games by large margins is no fun for anybody, and one of the League's central tenets is "fun". Player movement between teams is in no way intended to punish anyone. These moves are done for the betterment of the division so that as many kids as possible enjoy the season.

What is the process?

Prior to the season commencing, each Division Organizer assigns registered players to the teams in that division. After the season starts, he/she keeps tabs on the games and scores. If after the third game it is apparent that there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected, the Organizer will consult with the coaches to determine a plan of action. After an agreed plan of action is settled, which children will be moved, the parents of the players involved are contacted. The organizers, coaches and the volunteers are all parents with children in the League, and we fully appreciate that moving kids around can be a difficult and sensitive issue.

When does equalization take place?

As noted above, equalization typically takes place after the third game of the season (i.e., after each team in the division in question has played 3 games).

A caveat ...

Frankly, selecting teams of equal strength are more art than science. Kids mature at different rates and every season sees the dynamics of a division change as half the kids move up to the next division and an influx of kids from the division below or who are new to the League. Kids with great ice hockey skills are sometimes at a disadvantage because they lack speed and fast kids with limited hockey

Who Can Play?

Who can play? It is "A Game Anyone Can Play!" In this day and age when disposable income is at a premium, the game of ball hockey is an affordable and fun way to get the kids out to participate and meet people. We encourage groups of individuals to sign up and play our sport with their friends or register as individuals to meet and make new friends.

Administrator NSMBHA,
Mar 1, 2017, 12:43 PM