Seeding Day - Saturday, April 27th

We're counting down the days to the start of ball hockey season. The first event will be a skills and drills exercise where kids are assessed. That information will be used to help create balanced teams. League games will begin the following weekend at Gorsebrook rink.

We booked the gym at Needham Community Centre, (3372 Devonshire Ave) for seeding. However, if the weather forecast calls for blue skies and warm temperatures, we may run the seeding exercises at Gorsebrook Arena instead. We'll post our decision on the location several days ahead of time. Stay tuned. To learn more about seeding, click here.  

Seeding schedule:
Learn-to-play: 2 pm.
Primary: 3 p.m.
Elementary: 4 p.m.
Junior: 5 p.m.

Teams will be posted on the website a couple of days after seeding.

We're looking for a couple more referees. If your son or daughter is interested send and email to admin@nsmbha.com.

Here's where we stand in terms of numbers:
Learn-to-play: 3 spots open
Primary: 12 spots open
Elementary: 3 spots open
Junior: 14 spots open. 

Here are the big changes. As always, there may be last minute tweeks so check in regularly.

1. Primary Division: A new division for boys and girls in Grades 2 and 3.

2. No more discount for the Learn-to-play division. The price for all divisions is $85, same as last year. ($70 for early bird, which ends March 15th)

3. Season starts earlier - last weekend of April. We'll run the player-seeding skills session at an indoor facility - likely the Needham Community Centre - on Saturday, April 27, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. All remaining games will be played at the Gorsebrook rink, which the city only opens the first weekend of May. 

4. Season ends earlier - on the last weekend of June. Too many people were away once July rolled around. (Who can blame folks who skedaddled off to cottages and campgrounds once freed of school and work.)

Last year we had such a fabulous time so we're really just hoping to build on that. All teams will get T-shirts. As usual, we'll be relying on volunteer coaches, assistants and managers. We'll hold a coaching clinic. More on that later.

Here is the schedule we hope to offer:
10 a.m.: Learn-to-play: Grade Primary and Grade 1
11 a.m.: Primary: Grade 2 and Grade 3
12 p.m.: Elementary: Grade 4 to Grade 6
1 p.m. Junior: Grade 7 to Grade 9.

There will be a few Sunday games. We're trying to get a morning block of time but more than likely will end up with afternoon times. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Tracy for pics of the final games of Coach Dave's Learn-to-play team.






Scenes from the first regular season games:
First games of the regular season.